Abigail Shapiro Parents: The Opera Singer and Conservative Influencer

Abigail Shapiro is an American opera singer, social media influencer, blogger, and YouTuber who is also known as the sister of Ben Shapiro, a prominent conservative commentator and author.

Abigail Shapiro Parents
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She has gained both attention and controversy for her traditional and conservative views, which she expresses on her online platforms.

In this article, we will explore Abigail’s background, career, family, and controversies.

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Early Life and Education

Abigail Shapiro was born on November 8, 1992, in Los Angeles, California, to David and Miryam Shapiro, who are both Hollywood professionals.

Her father is a composer and her mother is an executive at a television company.

Abigail has a brother, Ben Shapiro, who is four years older than her and is a well-known conservative figure.

Abigail was raised in a Conservative Jewish family of Russian-Jewish and Lithuanian-Jewish descent. At the age of a few months, her family converted to Orthodox Judaism.

Abigail grew up with a passion for music and singing, and she started taking vocal lessons at the age of 12.

She also debuted as an actress in the film “A Light for Greytowers” in 2007, and made a small appearance in the TV show “Glee” in 2012.

Abigail attended the Manhattan School of Music in New York, where she completed a three-year course in classical singing and opera.

She graduated in 2015 and pursued a career as an opera singer.

Career and Achievements

Abigail Shapiro is a talented opera singer who has performed in various operas and concerts.

She has also participated in several competitions and festivals, such as the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, the International Vocal Arts Institute, and the Martina Arroyo Foundation.

Abigail is also a social media influencer, blogger, and YouTuber who goes by the name “Classically Abby”.

She launched her YouTube channel in 2019 and has since gained over 111,000 subscribers and 97,000 followers on Instagram.

Abigail posts videos and content about her conservative views, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and music.

She describes herself as “an opera singer and a lover of life, America, Judaism, and Israel”.

Abigail’s online persona has attracted both support and criticism from various corners of the internet.

She has been praised for her vocal talent, her traditional values, and her positive messages.

Abigail has also been criticized for her controversial opinions, her association with her brother, and her alleged hypocrisy and privilege.

Personal Life and Controversies

Abigail Shapiro is married to Jacob Roth, a staff attorney at Young America’s Foundation’s national headquarters in Reston, Virginia.

They tied the knot on May 28, 2018, and have one child together.

Abigail Shapiro Parents
Abigail Shapiro Parent| Footjobs

She has faced several controversies and challenges in her personal and professional life.

In October 2017, she became a target of anti-Semitic and misogynist trolls who flooded her YouTube channel with hateful and threatening comments.

This was due to her brother Ben Shapiro’s outspoken and polarizing views on social, political, and cultural issues.

She decided to go public and confront the harassment, saying that she would not let the trolls silence her.

Abigail has also been accused of being a “grifter” and a “clout chaser” who exploits her brother’s fame and influence to promote her own agenda and career.

Some critics have pointed out that Abigail’s conservative views are inconsistent with her lifestyle choices, such as wearing makeup, dressing fashionably, and pursuing a career in entertainment.

Others have argued that Abigail’s views are harmful and oppressive to women, minorities, and LGBTQ+ people.

Abigail has responded to some of the criticism and defended her views and choices.

She has stated that she is proud of her brother and his achievements, but she is not trying to copy him or use him for her own benefit.

Abigail has also claimed that she is not a grifter, but a genuine conservative who believes in traditional values and principles.

She has also asserted that she is not anti-women, anti-minority, or anti-LGBTQ+, but rather pro-life, pro-America, and pro-freedom.


Abigail Shapiro is a multifaceted and influential figure who has made a name for herself as an opera singer and a conservative commentator.

She is also the sister of Ben Shapiro, a prominent conservative voice and author.

Abigail has faced various challenges and controversies in her life, but she has also achieved many successes and accomplishments.

She continues to share her views and passions with her online audience, hoping to inspire and empower them.

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