Adam Sandler’s Parents: The People Behind the Comedy Star

Adam Sandler is one of the most successful and popular comedians and actors in Hollywood.

Adam Sandler's Parents
Adam Sandler’s Parents| PEOPLE

He has starred in dozens of movies, such as Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, and Uncut Gems, and has won several awards and nominations for his work. B

ut who are the people who raised him and influenced his comedy style?

In this article, we will explore the lives and personalities of Adam Sandler’s parents, Judy and Stanley Sandler.

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Judy Sandler: The Nursery School Teacher and the Biggest Fan

Judy Sandler, née Levine, was born in New York City and worked as a nursery school teacher.

Adam Sandler's Parents
Adam Sandler’s Parents| PEOPLE

She married Stanley Sandler, an electrical engineer, and had four children: Scott, Elizabeth, Valerie, and Adam.

Judy was a loving and supportive mother, who encouraged Adam’s musical and comedic talents from a young age.

She would often ask him to perform songs and jokes for their guests, and praised his abilities.

She was also his biggest fan, and would watch all of his movies and shows with enthusiasm.

Judy was described as a warm, kind, and funny person, who had a close relationship with her son. S

he also had a strong Jewish identity, and passed it on to Adam, who often incorporates Jewish themes and humor in his work.

Stanley Sandler: The Electrical Engineer and the Inspiration

Stanley Sandler was born in Brooklyn, New York, and worked as an electrical engineer. He met Judy Levine and married her in 1963.

He moved his family to Manchester, New Hampshire, when Adam was six years old.

Stanley was a hard-working and practical father, who taught Adam the value of honesty and humility.

He also had a great sense of humor, and would often crack jokes and make fun of himself.

He was the inspiration for some of Adam’s characters, such as Stanley Sugerman, a basketball recruiter in the movie Hustle.

Stanley was also a sports fan, and bought Adam an electric guitar when he was 12, which Adam still uses in his performances.

Stanley died of lung cancer in 2003, at the age of 68.

Adam paid tribute to his father in a series of tweets in 2022, saying that he misses him every day and thanks him for his love and guidance.


Adam Sandler’s parents, Judy and Stanley Sandler, were the people who shaped his personality and career.

They were supportive, funny, and loving, and gave him the confidence and skills to pursue his dreams.

They also instilled in him a sense of Jewish culture and identity, which he expresses in his comedy.

Adam Sandler is a testament to the influence and impact of his parents, who were proud of him and his achievements..

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