Amber Rose’s Parents: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Amber Rose is a famous model, actress, rapper, and fashion designer who has been in the spotlight for her relationships with celebrities like Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa.

Amber Rose

But who are her parents and what do they do?

Here is some information about Amber Rose’s family background and how it influenced her career.

Amber Rose’s Ethnicity and Early Life

Amber Rose was born as Amber Levonchuck on October 21, 1983, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Her father, Michael Levonchuck, is of Irish and Italian descent, while her mother, Dorothy Rose, is of Cape Verdean and Scottish descent from Ayrshire.

Amber Rose
Amber Rose | Wikipedia

She has one brother named Antonio Hewlett.

Amber Rose grew up in South Philadelphia, where she faced racial discrimination and bullying because of her mixed heritage.

She claimed that she was called names like “dirty white girl” and “monkey” by her peers.

Amber Rose started working at the age of 15 to support her family after her parents divorced.

She used the pseudonym “Paris” and worked as a stripper for seven years.

Amber attempted to sell crack cocaine, but was not successful. She said that she did not regret her past choices and that they made her who she is today.

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Amber Rose’s Modeling Career and Relationships

Amber Rose’s modeling career took off when she appeared in the music video for Young Jeezy and Kanye West’s song “Put On” in 2008.

She caught the attention of West, who became her boyfriend for two years.

During their relationship, she starred in his Louis Vuitton ads and accompanied him to various events.

Amber Rose
Amber Rose | G! ONLINE

Amber also gained more exposure by appearing in other music videos and magazines.

After breaking up with West in 2010, Amber Rose began dating rapper Wiz Khalifa in 2011.

They got married in 2013 and had a son named Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. However, they divorced in 2016 due to irreconcilable differences.

Amber Rose has since dated other celebrities, such as Machine Gun Kelly, 21 Savage, and Alexander Edwards.

Apart from modeling, Amber Rose has also ventured into other fields, such as acting, music, writing, and activism.

She has appeared in several TV shows and films, such as Running Russell Simmons, Master of the Mix, The Amber Rose Show, School Dance, Zoolander 2, and What Happened Last Night.

Amber Rose has also released two singles, “Fame” and “Loaded”, featuring Wiz Khalifa and Pharrell Williams respectively.

She has also founded the SlutWalk movement, which aims to end slut-shaming and sexual violence against women.

Amber Rose’s Parents‘ Current Status

Amber Rose has maintained a close relationship with her parents despite their divorce.

Amber Rose's parents
Amber Rose’s parents

She often posts pictures of them on her social media accounts and expresses her love and gratitude for them.

Amber Rose has also revealed that her parents are supportive of her career choices and personal life.

According to some sources, Amber Rose’s father works as a delivery driver for a bakery company called Tastykake.

He lives in Philadelphia with his second wife, whom he married in 2015. He also has two stepchildren from his wife’s previous marriage.

Amber Rose’s mother works as a personal assistant for her daughter.

She lives in Los Angeles with Amber Rose and helps her with various tasks, such as managing her schedule, handling her finances, and taking care of her son.

Amber is also involved in Amber Rose’s SlutWalk movement and attends the annual marches with her daughter.

 What is Amber Rose’s Net Worth?

According to the web search results, Amber Rose’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million as of 2023.

She is a model, actress, rapper, and fashion designer who has earned her wealth from various sources, such as modeling contracts, endorsements, music sales, book sales, and clothing lines.

Amber has also dated several famous celebrities, such as Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, and 21 Savage.

How many followers does Amber Rose have on social media?

According to the web search results, Amber Rose has a large following on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Here are some estimates of her followers on each platform as of August 2023:

– Instagram: *18.8 million* followers
– Twitter: *4.07 million* followers
– TikTok: *1.5 million* followers

These numbers may vary depending on the source and the time of measurement.

Amber Rose uses her social media accounts to share her personal and professional life, promote her products and causes, and interact with her fans.

She also posts pictures and videos of herself in various outfits, hairstyles, and makeup looks.


Amber Rose is a successful model, actress, rapper, and fashion designer who has overcome many challenges in her life.

Her parents are Dorothy Rose and Michael Levonchuck, who are of mixed ethnicities and divorced when she was young.

They have supported her throughout her career and personal life and remain close to her until now.


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