Anuel AA’s Parents: The Story Behind the Puerto Rican Rapper’s Family

Anuel AA is one of the most popular and controversial figures in the Latin music scene.

He is known for his legal troubles, feuds, and collaborations with other artists.

Anuel AA
Anuel AA’s Parents

But what do we know about his family background and how it influenced his career?

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Who are Anuel AA‘s parents?

Anuel AA was born as Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago on November 26, 1992, in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

Anuel AA's Parents
Anuel AA’s Parents

His parents are José Gazmey and Nilda Santiago.

His father is of Afro-Puerto Rican descent and his mother is of White Puerto Rican descent.

Anuel AA has stated that he has experienced racism since childhood for being mixed-race.

His father, José Gazmey, was a vice president of the Puerto Rican division of Sony Music Entertainment’s A&R department.

He worked in the studio with salsa artists such as Héctor Lavoe and Fania All-Stars. Anuel AA recalls that seeing his father interact with these artists inspired an interest in the recording industry.

However, his father lost his job when Anuel AA was fifteen years old; this led him to become what Rolling Stone magazine described as a “son of the streets”.

His mother, Nilda Santiago, raised him and his siblings, Leyvan and Jliany, mostly by herself.

She supported his musical aspirations and encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

Anuel AA's Parents
Anuel AA’s Parents

She also helped him cope with his legal issues and prison sentence. Anuel AA has expressed his gratitude and love for his mother in several songs, such as “Mamá” and “Madre”.

How did Anuel AA’s parents influence his music?

Anuel AA’s parents had a significant influence on his musical style, taste, and career.

His father exposed him to different genres of music, such as salsa, hip hop, and reggaeton.

Anuel AA
Anuel AA’s Parents

He also taught him the basics of recording and producing music.

Anuel AA started to write and record songs when he was barely 14 years old.

He posted his music online in 2010 and gained popularity among the underground Latin trap scene.

He later signed with the Latin division of fellow American rapper Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group.

His mother supported his artistic expression and gave him the freedom to explore his identity and creativity. She also instilled in him a sense of resilience and perseverance.

Anuel AA faced many challenges and obstacles in his career, such as being arrested for illegal firearm possession in 2016 and spending 30 months in prison.

He recorded the entirety of his debut album, Real Hasta la Muerte, while incarcerated.

He released the album on July 17, 2018, the day he was released from prison.

The album was a critical and commercial success, and established him as one of the top Latino artists.

What is the current relationship between Anuel AA and his parents?

Anuel AA has a close and respectful relationship with his parents.

He often visits them and spends time with them.

Anuel AA has said that his parents are his biggest inspiration and motivation.

He also maintains a good relationship with his father’s new wife, Nory Flores, whom he considers as his second mother.

Anuel AA has collaborated with her son, Noriel, who is also a rapper.

He has also welcomed his father’s new daughter, Valeria, who was born in 2020.

Anuel AA is a proud father himself. He has a son, Pablo, from his previous relationship with Astrid Cuevas.

He is also expecting his first child with his current wife, Yailin La Más Viral, a Dominican singer.

Anuel AA married her in June 2022, after dating her for a few months.

He has expressed his happiness and excitement for his growing family.


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