Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik Parents: Who are his parents and what did he do?

Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik is one of the three teenagers who have been arrested and charged with first-degree murder for allegedly throwing large rocks at cars on Colorado roads, killing one driver and injuring three others.

Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik Parents
Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik Parents

The 18-year-old high school senior, along with his friends Joseph Koenig and Zachary Kwak, are accused of carrying out the deadly rock-throwing spree on April 19, 2023.

But who are his parents and what do we know about his background?

Nicholas Karol-Chik’s parents

Th parents of Nicholas Karol-Chik, the young man detained in connection with Alexa Bartell’s death, are currently unknown.

The Colorado-born 18-year-old has been charged with first-degree murder with extreme indifference about the incident.

In addition, Karol-Chik and Koenig had allegedly thrown rocks at cars on at least 10 separate occasions since February.

Karol-Chik allegedly told police that on April 19, all three teens threw rocks at cars and they were “excited” when they hit them.

It is unclear what motivated the teens to engage in such reckless and dangerous behavior, or what kind of upbringing they had.

Likely, more details regarding Karol-Chik and the events leading up to the incident will surface as the investigation.

Nicholas Karol-Chik’s FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Nicholas Karol-Chik and the rock-throwing case:

How did Nicholas Karol-Chik and his friends get caught?

Investigators used phone forensics and information from the public to identify the suspects.

They sought warrants from cellphone companies called “geofencing warrants,”.

What are the charges and penalties that Nicholas Karol-Chik and his friends are facing?

Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik and friends
Colorado Nicholas Karol-Chik and friends

Nicholas Karol-Chik and his friends have been formally charged with one count of murder in the first degree.

They are being held without bond and could face life imprisonment or the death penalty if convicted.

Who was the victim of the fatal rock-throwing incident?

The victim was Alexa Bartell, a 20-year-old woman who was driving on the 10600 block of Indiana Street.

She was on the phone talking to a friend when she was struck and the phone went silent.

She was found in her car in a field with a significant wound to her head and no pulse.

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