Jordan Poole’s Parents: The Family Behind the NBA Star

Jordan Poole is a rising star in the NBA, playing as a shooting guard for the Washington Wizards.

He was traded from the Golden State Warriors in 2023, after winning a championship with them in 2022.

Jordan Poole
Jordan Poole | FresherlIFE

But who are the people behind his success? Who are Jordan Poole’s parents?

Anthony Poole: A Former Football Player

Jordan Poole’s father is Anthony Poole, a former football player who played for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Anthony Poole ; Jordan's Dad
Anthony Poole ; Jordan’s Dad |

He was born and raised in Chicago, where he attended Simeon Career Academy and excelled in sports.

He met his future wife, Monet, while working as a security guard in one of the dorms at the university.

Anthony Poole introduced his son to basketball at a young age, taking him to play pickup games at the local Lutheran Church.

He taught him the fundamentals of the game and encouraged him to work hard and pursue his dreams.

He also warned him about the challenges and obstacles he would face in his career.

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Monet Poole: A Social Worker and a Supportive Mother

Jordan Poole’s mother is Monet Poole, a social worker and a case manager at the Eisenhower Center in Milwaukee.

Monet Poole:
Monet Poole: Jordan’s Mum | Sportsmanner

She was born on March 19, 1973, and attended Washington High School Milwaukee, where she also participated in sports.

She married Anthony Poole after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Monet Poole has been a supportive and loving mother to Jordan and his siblings.

She always attends his games and events, cheering him on and celebrating his achievements.

She also helps him cope with the pressures and expectations of being a professional athlete.

Jordan Poole’s Siblings: A Brother and a Sister

Jordan Poole has two siblings: a brother and a sister. His brother is named Jalen Poole, and his sister is named Jada Poole.

They were all raised in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, where they attended school and played sports.

They have a close bond with each other and with their parents.

Jordan Poole’s siblings are also proud of his accomplishments and support him in his career.

They often post pictures and messages on social media, expressing their love and admiration for their brother.

They also visit him whenever they can and enjoy spending time with him.


Jordan Poole is not only a talented basketball player, but also a family man who values his parents and siblings.

His family has been instrumental in his development and success, providing him with guidance, encouragement, and inspiration.

Jordan Poole’s parents are Anthony Poole and Monet Poole, two former athletes who have raised their son to be a champion on and off the court.

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