Jude Bellingham’s Parents: The Story Behind the Rising Football Star

Jude Bellingham is one of the most promising young talents in world football.

Jude Bellingham's parents
Jude Bellingham’s Mom and Dad| Daily Mail

The 20-year-old midfielder plays for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga and has already made his mark for the England national team.

But who are the people behind his success? Who are Jude Bellingham’s parents?

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Mark Bellingham: The Non-League Goal Machine

Jude Bellingham’s father is Mark Bellingham, a former non-league football striker who scored over 700 goals in his career.

Jude Bellingham's parents
Jude Bellingham’s parents Denise and Mark | DAILYMAIL


Mark played for various clubs in the lower tiers of English football, such as Halesowen Town, Bromsgrove Rovers, Sutton Coldfield, and Leamington.

He was known for his prolific scoring abilities and his physical style of play.

Mark Bellingham was Jude’s first footballing hero. Jude told the FA that he fell in love with football while watching his father play every week. He said:

‘When you go and watch him play every week in non-League, you know it’s not the Premier League or anything, but seeing the way that he played and the atmosphere, it made me fall in love with football so he was probably my first hero.’

Mark Bellingham never made it to the professional level, despite his impressive goal record.

He told The Non-League Paper that he had some trials with league clubs, but nothing came of them. He said:

”I had a few trials at league clubs but nothing ever came of it. I think I was a bit too raw and maybe not quite good enough. I don’t have any regrets though. I’ve loved every minute of playing non-League football and I’ve met some great people along the way.”

Mark Bellingham also had a demanding career as a police officer in the West Midlands.

He retired from the force in November 2022 after 24 years of service.

He balanced his football and police duties until he retired from playing in 2017, aged 41.

Denise Bellingham: The Supportive Mother

Jude Bellingham’s mother is Denise Bellingham, a Black woman who works as a social worker.

Denise Bellingham
Denise Bellingham | THE TIMES

She has been a constant source of support and encouragement for Jude and his younger brother Jobe, who also plays for Birmingham City.

Denise Bellingham drove Jude to games to watch his father play when he was young.

She also helped him with his schoolwork and his personal development.

Denise told The Guardian that she wanted Jude to be humble and respectful, as well as talented.

She said:

” We’ve always tried to keep him grounded. We’ve always said to him: ‘You’re no better than anyone else because you can kick a ball.’ We’ve always taught him to respect people and treat them how you want to be treated.”

Denise Bellingham also supported Jude’s decision to move to Germany when he was 17, despite the challenges of living abroad.

She told The Guardian that she trusted Jude’s judgment and believed that he would thrive at Dortmund.

She said:

” It was hard to let him go but we knew it was the right thing for him. He’s always been mature for his age and he’s always made good decisions. He’s loving it over there and he’s learning so much.”

The Bellingham Family: A Football Dynasty

Jude Bellingham is not the only member of his family who has a passion for football.

His younger brother Jobe is also a promising player who has followed in Jude’s footsteps at Birmingham City.

Jobe is a 16-year-old winger who made his senior debut for the club in August 2022.

Jude and Jobe have a close bond and often communicate via FaceTime or WhatsApp.


The Bellingham family is a football dynasty that has produced two talented players who have made their mark at Birmingham City and beyond.

Mark and Denise Bellingham have been instrumental in nurturing their sons’ football dreams and providing them with guidance and support.

They are the story behind the rising football star that is Jude Bellingham.


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