Lester Holt Parents: A Look at His Family Roots and Ethnicity

Lester Holt is one of the most respected and trusted journalists in America.

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Lester Holt| NBC

He is the anchor of NBC Nightly News, NBC Nightly News Kids Edition, and Dateline NBC.

He is also the first African American solo host of a weekday network nightly newscast.

But who are the people who shaped his life and career?

Here is a brief overview of his family background and cultural heritage.

His Parents: June and Lester Sr.

Lester Holt was born on March 8, 1959, on Hamilton Air Force Base, Marin County, California.

Lester Holt  parents
Lester Holt |nbc

He is the youngest of four children of June (DeRozario) and Lester Don Holt Sr.

His parents had diverse backgrounds and experiences that influenced Lester’s worldview and interests.

His father, Lester Sr., was an African American from Michigan, with roots in Tennessee.

He served as a sergeant in the Air Force and was stationed in Da Nang during the Vietnam War.

Lester Holt parents
Lester Holt

He later worked as a regional planner.

His father instilled in him a sense of patriotism and service, as well as a curiosity about the world.

His mother, June, was of Jamaican descent.

She was born in Harlem, New York, to an Afro-Jamaican grandmother and a Jamaican Anglo-Indian grandfather.

Her grandfather, Canute DeRozario, was one of 14 children of an Indo-Jamaican father from Calcutta, India, and a White English Jamaican mother from England.

June was a well-educated and cultured woman who exposed Lester to different aspects of Jamaican and Indian culture, such as music, food, and history.

His Siblings: Mike, Debra, and Patrice

Lester Holt has three older siblings: Mike, Debra, and Patrice. Mike, who is eight years older than Lester, is his half-brother from his mother’s previous marriage.

Lester Holt siblings
Lester Holt siblings| PEOPLE

Mike is a retired pilot and a former news producer.

He interviewed Lester for one of his NBC Nightly News segments in 2019, where they reminisced about their childhood and shared their admiration for each other.

Debra and Patrice are Lester’s full sisters.

They are both educators and have supported Lester throughout his career.

They often attend events and award ceremonies with him and his wife, Carol Hagen.

Lester has said that his sisters are his best friends and role models.

His Ethnicity: A Mixture of Races and Cultures

Lester Holt identifies as a Black man, but he also embraces his mixed-race and multicultural heritage.

He has African, Jamaican, Indian, and English ancestry, which gives him a unique perspective on the world and its diversity.

He has also traveled extensively and reported from different countries and regions, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, Rwanda, and Antarctica.

Lester Holt is proud of his family roots and ethnicity, and he uses his platform to raise awareness and promote understanding of various issues and communities.

He has also participated in programs and initiatives that celebrate and support Black and Asian American journalists, such as the National Association of Black Journalists and the Asian American Journalists Association.

He is an inspiration and a role model for many aspiring and established journalists of color.

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