Loujain Adada Parents: The Dubai Bling Star Who Reconnected With Her Mother After 32 Years

Loujain Adada is one of the most glamorou and wealthy socialites in Dubai.

She is also a star of the Netflix reality show Dubai Bling, which follows the lives of eight ultra-rich individuals in the city.

A photo of Loujain Adada
Loujain Adada| People

But behind her lavish lifestyle and dazzling smile, there is a story of pain, loss, and resilience.

Loujain was born in California to Lebanese parents, who divorced when she was young.

Her mother left her when she was two years old, and she grew up with her father and sister in Beirut.

She says she learned to be independent and not to rely on anyone but herself.

A Fairy Tale Romance With A Tragic Ending

Loujain moved to Dubai in 2009, where she met Walid Ahmed Juffali, a Saudi billionaire and businessman.

Loujain Adada husband
Loujain Adada husband | Meton

They fell in love and got married in 2012, in a lavish ceremony attended by celebrities and royalty.

They had two daughters, Talia and Lana, and lived in a palatial mansion with a private zoo.

Loujain says Walid was the only one who tried to reconnect her with her mother, whom she had not seen or spoken to since she was a toddler.

He managed to find her and arrange a meeting, but Loujain says they had a fight and did not see each other again.

In 2016, Walid was diagnosed with cancer and passed away, leaving Loujain a widow at the age of 26.

She says she was devastated and lost, but she had to be strong for her daughters.

A New Beginning With A Long-Lost Mother

In 2023, Loujain decided to give her mother another chance and reached out to her via Instagram.

She says she was surprised and happy when her mother replied and agreed to meet her.

They flew to Los Angeles, where they hugged and cried for hours.

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Loujain says she learned that her mother had left her because of domestic abuse and mental health issues, and that she had always loved her and regretted losing her.

She says she forgave her and wanted to rebuild their relationship.

Loujain and her mother have been in touch ever since, and plan to visit each other more often.

Loujain says she feels like she has found a missing piece of her puzzle, and that she is happier and more at peace with herself.

She says she hopes her story will inspire others to reconnect with their estranged loved ones, and to never give up on love.

She says life is too short to hold grudges and regrets, and that everyone deserves a second chance.

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