Meet the Family of Clea Shearer, the Star of The Home Edit

Clea Shearer is a well-known interior designer, author, and TV personality who co-founded The Home Edit, a popular organizing company that has transformed the homes of celebrities and everyday people alike.

photo of Clea Shearer
Clea Shearer | Earnthenecklace

But who are the parents of this creative and successful woman?

Let’s take a look at the family behind the Home Edit star.

Roberta Cummings: A Philanthropist and a Supportive Mother

Clea Shearer’s mother is Roberta Cummings, a philanthropist who has been involved with the Nathan Cummings Foundation, a charitable organization that supports social justice and environmental causes.

Photo of Clea Shearer
Clea Shearer |

Roberta is also a supportive mother who has appeared on Clea’s Netflix show, Get Organized with The Home Edit, and helped her daughter organize her closet.

Roberta Cummings is very proud of her daughter’s achievements and often posts pictures of her on social media.

She also shares Clea’s passion for organizing and has a beautiful and tidy home.

Roberta Cummings is a role model for Clea Shearer, who once said in an interview that her mother taught her to “be kind, be generous, and be grateful.”

Nathan Cummings: A Businessman and a Philanthropist

Clea Shearer’s father is Nathan Cummings, a businessman and a philanthropist who founded the Sara Lee Corporation, a food and beverage company that owns brands such as Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, and Douwe Egberts.

Nathan Cummings was also a visionary who invested in art, culture, and social causes.

He established the Nathan Cummings Foundation in 1985 to honor his legacy and values.

Nathan Cummings passed away in 1989, when Clea Shearer was only seven years old.

However, he left a lasting impact on his daughter, who inherited his entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to making the world a better place.

Clea Shearer has said that her father inspired her to “dream big, work hard, and never give up.”

Dashiell Driscoll: A Brother and a Friend

Clea Shearer has a brother, Dashiell Driscoll, who is a writer, producer, and actor.

He is best known for creating the web series, Funny or Die’s Zack Morris is Trash, which parodies the 90s sitcom, Saved by the Bell.

He has also worked on other projects, such as The Soup, Billy on the Street, and The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale.

Dashiell Driscoll is very close to his sister, Clea Shearer, and often supports her work.

He has appeared on her Instagram stories, where they joke around and have fun.

He has also praised her book, The Home Edit Life, and called her “the best sister in the world.”

Dashiell Driscoll is a brother and a friend to Clea Shearer, who loves him dearly.


Clea Shearer is a talented and influential woman who has made a name for herself.

But she is also a loving and loyal daughter, sister, and mother who cherishes her family.

Clea Shearer’s parents, Roberta and Nathan Cummings,.

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