Peso Pluma Parents: The Rising Star of Mexican Music

Peso Pluma is a young Mexican-American rapper and songwriter who rose to fame with his blend of conventional Mexican tunes, modern pop, and R&B beats.

Image of Peso Pluma
Peso Pluma Parents

He was born in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, to Jalisco and Sinaloan parents, who were musically inclined from birth.

Peso Pluma has over 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify and his songs are influenced by the music played at home.

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His Early Life and Musical Journey

Peso Pluma’s real name is Emilio Kabande Laija, and he was born on June 15, 1999.

He also spent time in New York and Texas as a kid.

Peso Pluma started playing the guitar at age 15 by watching videos on YouTube and writing songs in a diary.

He and his cousin started creating songs together, and on February 21, 2020, the label El Cartel de los negeles issued his debut live CD, Disco en Vivo.

Peso Pluma released his debut studio album Ah y Que? on April 20 with the same record company, and his debut song “Relajado Voy” with the band Decree Real on October 20.

His Breakthrough and Success

Peso Pluma achieved international popularity in 2022 after working with well-known musicians like Luis R. Conriquez.

Image of Peso Pluma
Peso Pluma Parents

With Ral Vega, he released the track “El Belicon’ at the start of 2022.

After selling 480,000 units, it became his first success on streaming services.

Furthermore, with five singles, he entered the Billboard Hot 100 more times than any other Mexican artist in April 2023.

His song “Ella baila sola” peaked at number 17, the highest rank for a Mexican artist in the U.S.

His Inspiration and Style

Peso Pluma’s name was inspired by the featherweight boxing division after boxer Marco Antonio Barrera observed him during a performance with his musicians and noted that most had thin skins, a physical trait of individuals who compete in this division.

After some discussion, the boxer suggested it, and he adopted it.

Peso Pluma’s music is influenced by the traditional Mexican folk music, especially the corridos genre, as well as American hip-hop and pop.

He sings in both Spanish and English, and often incorporates slang and humor in his lyrics.

He is known for his catchy hooks, smooth flow, and versatile voice.

His Parents and Family

Peso Pluma’s parents are both Mexican, and his father has Lebanese ancestry. He was born in Chiapas.

Imagfe of Peso Pluma Parents
Peso Pluma Parents

The parents of the rising star are rarely mentioned, but the musician claimed that he was influenced by the music played at home.

His family supported his interest in music while growing up. He has not revealed his parents’ names or any details about his siblings.

However, some photos of his mother have been shared online by journalist Nelssie Carrillo, who also claims to have met his father..


Peso Pluma is one of the hottest musicians to emerge in recent years.

He has achieved remarkable success in the music industry, breaking records and collaborating with famous artists.

Peso Pluma is also a proud representative of his Mexican heritage and culture, as well as his family’s musical legacy.


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