Tana Mongeau’s Parents: The Truth Behind the YouTuber’s Family Drama

Who are Rick and Rebecca Mongeau?

Rick and Rebecca Mongeau are the parents of Tana Mongeau, who was born on June 24, 1998, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tana is an only child and grew up in a dysfunctional family.

Tana Mongeau’s Parents
Tana Mongeau’s Parents| Youtube

Her parents were both addicted to drugs and alcohol and often fought with each other.

Tana has said that her father was abusive and violent, while her mother was neglectful and irresponsible.

She also claimed that her parents were involved in illegal activities, such as gambling, fraud, and theft.

Tana has said that she had to take care of herself from a young age, as her parents were unable.

Tana has said that she used humor and storytelling as a coping mechanism to escape from her reality.

How did Tana Mongeau’s parents affect her career?

Tana Mongeau started her YouTube channel when she was 17 years old, in 2015.

She quickly gained popularity for her “storytime” videos, where she shared outrageous and exaggerated stories about her life.

Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau parents| Newseet

Some of her most famous videos include “The N Word”, “I Got Banged with a Toothbrush”, and “I Peed on Shane Dawson”.

She has also collaborated with other famous YouTubers, such as James Charles, David Dobrik, and Jake Paul.

Tana has said that her parents never supported her dreams of becoming a YouTuber and often criticized her for wasting her time and money.

She has also said that her parents tried to take advantage of her fame and fortune and asked her for money and favors.

Tana Mongeau’s parents have also caused her to have trust issues and relationship problems.

She has said that she has difficulty opening up to people and forming meaningful connections.

She has also said that she has a fear of abandonment and rejection.

Tana has had several high-profile relationships, such as with Bella Thorne, Jake Paul, and Noah Cyrus, but none of them lasted long.

She has said that she is still looking for love and happiness.

What is Tana Mongeau’s current relationship with her parents?

Tana Mongeau has not spoken to her parents in a long time and has no plans to reconcile with them.

She has said that she does not consider them to be her family and that she has no interest in their lives.

She has also said that she does not want to have any children of her own, as she does not want to repeat the mistakes of her parents.

However, Tana Mongeau has also expressed some sadness and regret over her estrangement from her parents.

Tana Mongeau said that she wishes she had a normal and loving family and that she sometimes misses them.

She has also said that she hopes that her parents are doing well and that they are proud of her achievements.

Tana Mongeau has also found some surrogate family members in her friends and fans.

She has said that she considers her friends to be her real family and that they have supported her through thick and thin.

Tana Mongeau said that she loves her fans and that they have given her a sense of purpose and belonging.

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