Teal Swan’s Parents: A Story of Love and Support

Teal Swan is a spiritual influencer and author who has gained popularity for her teachings on how to overcome trauma.

Teal Swan’s Parents
Teal Swan’s Parents| Amazon

However, behind her success lies a story of struggle and pain, as well as love and support from her parents.

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Early Life

Teal Swan was born as Mary Teal Bosworth on June 16, 1984, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She grew up in Logan, Utah, where her parents worked as teachers and forest rangers.

Teal Swan claims that she had extrasensory abilities since childhood, such as being able to read minds and communicate with spirits.

She also says that she suffered from ritual abuse for 12 years by a cult leader, a claim that was never substantiated by the police.

Teal Swan’s parents, who only called her by her middle name, Teal, were unaware of her alleged abuse and tried to provide her with a normal and happy childhood.

They bought her a horse, took her to China for alternative treatment, and arranged for her to spend time with an intuitive vet.

They also supported her interest in spirituality and new-age beliefs.Career

Teal Swan started her career as a public speaker and author in 2011, when she released her first book, The Sculptor in the Sky.

She soon gained a following of people who resonated with her message of healing and empowerment.

She also developed a technique called the Completion Process, which aims to help people process and integrate their past trauma.

However, Teal Swan also faced criticism and controversy for some of her teachings, especially on the topic of suicide.

She has been accused of encouraging suicidal thoughts and actions, and of exploiting vulnerable people for her own benefit.

Some of her critics include mental health professionals, former followers, and journalists

Teal Swan has denied these allegations and defended her methods as effective and compassionate.

She has also expanded her work to other areas, such as writing a young adult novel, Hunger of the Pine, in 2020.

Relationship with Parents

Teal Swan’s relationship with her parents has been strained by her claims of abuse and her controversial career.

Teal Swan’s Parents
Teal Swan’s Parents

Her parents have expressed their disbelief and sadness over her accusations, and their concern and love for her well-being.

They have also been interviewed by several documentaries and podcasts that have explored Teal Swan’s life and teachings.

Teal Swan has maintained that her parents were good and caring, but also naive and ignorant of what she went through

. She has also said that she loves them and hopes to reconcile with them someday.


Teal Swan’s parents are a key part of her story, as they have shaped her personality, beliefs, and career.

They have also been a source of both support and conflict for her, as they have tried to understand and help her.

Teal Swan’s parents are a testament to the complexity and difficulty of parenting, especially when dealing with mental health issues and trauma.

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