Who are Angelina Jolie’s parents? Behind The Star: Discovering Angelina Jolie’s Parents

Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous and influential actresses in Hollywood, known for her roles in films such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Maleficent, and Eternals.

She is also a humanitarian, activist, and mother of six children. But who are the people who gave birth to this remarkable woman?

Marcheline Bertrand , Angelina's mom
Marcheline Bertrand , Angelina’s mom| Hollywoodlife

In this article, we will explore the lives and careers of Angelina Jolie’s parents: Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand.

Jon Voight: A Hollywood Legend

Jon Voight is a veteran actor who has starred in many acclaimed and popular films over the past six decades.

He was born on December 29, 1938, in Yonkers, New York, to a Czechoslovakian immigrant father and a German-American mother.

Jon Voight, Angelina's dad
Jon Voight, Angelina’s dad| HOLA


He studied at the Catholic University of America and pursued a career in theater before moving to Hollywood in the 1960s.

Voight made his breakthrough with his Oscar-nominated performance as Joe Buck, a naive hustler, in the 1969 film Midnight Cowboy.

He went on to star in other memorable films such as Deliverance (1972), Coming Home (1978), for which he won an Oscar for Best Actor, Runaway Train (1985), Mission: Impossible (1996), Enemy of the State (1998), and Ali (2001).

He also appeared in several television shows, including Ray Donovan (2013-2020), for which he won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.

Voight married his first wife, actress Lauri Peters, in 1962, after meeting her on the Broadway production of The Sound of Music.

They divorced in 1967 and he married his second wife, actress Marcheline Bertrand, in 1971

. They had two children: James Haven (born in 1973) and Angelina Jolie (born in 1975).

However, their marriage ended in divorce in 1980, after Voight allegedly cheated on Bertrand with another actress.

Voight had a strained relationship with his daughter Angelina for many years, especially after he publicly expressed concern about her mental health in 2002.

They reconciled in 2010 and have since maintained a cordial bond. Voight has also been supportive of Angelina’s humanitarian work and her children.

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Marcheline Bertrand: An Actress and Activist

Marcheline Bertrand was an actress and producer who dedicated her life to humanitarian causes.

She moved to New York City at the age of 18 and studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.

Angelina's Mom Marcheline
Angelina’s Mom Marcheline | HOLA

She met Jon Voight while working as an actress and married him in 1971.

Bertrand appeared in several films and television shows, such as The Man Who Loved Women (1983), Lookin’ to Get Out (1982), which also featured her daughter Angelina as a child, and Trudell (2005), a documentary about Native American activist John Trudell, which she co-produced.

She also founded the All Tribes Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports Native American causes.

Bertrand divorced Voight in 1980 and raised her children as a single mother.

She encouraged them to pursue their artistic passions and exposed them to different cultures and humanitarian issues.

She was especially close to Angelina, who credited her as her main inspiration and role model.

Bertrand was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1999 and battled the disease for eight years. She died on January 27, 2007, at the age of 56.

Her death deeply affected Angelina, who later underwent preventive surgeries to reduce her risk of developing ovarian and breast cancer.

Angelina also honored her mother’s legacy by establishing the Marcheline Bertrand Scholarship Fund at the American Film Institute Conservatory.


Angelina Jolie’s parents were both talented and compassionate people who influenced her career and life choices.

Jon Voight is a legendary actor who has won many awards and accolades for his work.

Marcheline Bertrand was an actress and producer who devoted herself to humanitarian causes.

They both loved their daughter and supported her endeavors.

Angelina Jolie has inherited their artistic flair, social conscience, and courage..


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