Who are Hendrix Wilburn parents

Who are Hendrix Wilburn parents?
Who are Hendrix Wilburn parents?

Who are Hendrix Wilburn parents?

Hendrix Wilburn was born in the US on December 15 2018 to rapper Future and fitness instructor Joie Chavis.

Hendrix had an extravagant jungle-themed first birthday and is frequently visible on his parents’ Facebook pages.

Hendrix’s Father-Mother Relationship

hendrix wilburn parents
Hendrix wilburn parents

In 2018, Joie Chavis announced her pregnancy to the public while carrying Hendrix Wilburn in her womb. 

She took to Instagram to share the news of her impending arrival.

Following Hendrix’s birth, the couple went their separate ways. 

Many fans speculated that Future was involved with another woman, given his history of such behavior. 

Hendrix Wilburn parents net worth

Future, Hendrix’s father, is a successful artist who has sold millions of copies of his albums globally. 

His net worth is currently estimated to be around $62 million, and he possesses over twelve properties, a luxury yacht, and five cars. 

Additionally, he has a diverse investment portfolio valued at over $6 million.

In contrast, Hendrix’s mother, Joie Chavis, has a net worth of $1 million, primarily earned through brand deals as she has a vast social media following. 

Modeling contracts and store sales also help to increase her net worth.

Wilburn’s mother, Joie Chavis, is a social media influencer.

Joie Chavis, Hendrix’s mother, is well-known as a social media influencer and Instagram model. 

The numerous fitness-related videos and images on her Instagram profile serve as proof that she is a fitness trainer in addition to her social media presence.

Joie Chavis has a verified Instagram account (@joiechavis) with over 2 million followers. 

This proves that she has a significant online presence. Her posts usually receive hundreds of thousands of likes and views.

Joie is also very famous on social media sites like Tiktok, where her videos receive more than 11 million likes.  

She also has more than 800,000 people following her on Tiktok.

She regularly posts videos to her other YouTube channel called @JoieInLife. 

Most of the videos on her channel are vlogs, dance routines, and other fun things. Her channel has more than 170,000 subscribers.

About Hendrix Willburn Father, Future. 

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, also known as “Future,” was born on November 20, 1983, in Atlanta, Georgia. 

After signing a record deal with Epic Records and A1 Recordings in 2011, he went on to release several platinum-selling singles.

He has become known for his unique blend of hip-hop and trap music, as well as his collaborations with other popular artists in the music industry. 

Despite facing some personal challenges and controversies along the way, he has remained a prominent figure in the world of music, thanks in part to his distinctive style and undeniable talent.

In 2021, RIAA gave him a Diamond certification for his song “Life is Good,” which featured Drake, a popular Canadian singer. 

In the same year, his song “Magic” was the top song on the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time.

Future is a highly decorated artist who has been nominated for numerous awards over the years, winning several of them.

One of his most notable awards is the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance, which he won in the year 2019. 

He has also won Best Hip Hop Video at the Much Music Video Awards in 2015, as well as other accolades such as Best Group, Best Club Banger, Best Mixtape, and Best Collaboration throughout his career.

In addition to that, he has been nominated for various prestigious awards such as MVP of the Year, International Artist of the Year, Hip-Hop Song of the Year, Top Male Artist, and Single of the Year, among others. 


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