Zac Efron’s Parents: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Zac Efron is one of the most popular and successful actors in Hollywood, but he comes from a humble background.

Zac Efron
Zac Efron| PEOPLE

His parents, Starla Baskett and David Efron, met while working at the same power plant in California.

They raised Zac and his younger brother, Dylan, in a small town called Arroyo Grande.

Zac has always spoken highly of his parents and their influence on his life and career.

But who are they and what do they do? Here is everything you need to know about Zac Efron’s parents.

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Starla Baskett: A Supportive Mom and a Secretary

Starla Baskett is Zac Efron’s mother and a secretary by profession.

She worked in administration at the power plant where she met David Efron, an electrical engineer.

Starla has always been supportive of Zac’s acting ambitions, even when he was a child.

She encouraged him to take singing and acting lessons and drove him to auditions.

She also accompanied him to the premiere of his breakthrough movie, High School Musical, in 2006.

Starla is very close to Zac and often appears on his social media posts. Zac frequently expresses his love and gratitude for his mom, especially on her birthday and Mother’s Day.

In 2017, he shared a photo of himself, Starla, and his co-star Hugh Jackman, and wrote: “Happy Birthday to my mom, my best girl. I love you more than the sun, the moon and all the stars in the galaxy.

Love, your chocolate bear”.

In 2020, he posted another photo of them and wrote: “I love you mom”.

David Efron: A Driven Dad and an Engineer

David Efron is Zac Efron’s father and an electrical engineer. He worked at the same power plant as Starla Baskett, where they fell in love and got married.

Zac Efron Parents

David was the one who introduced Zac to the world of cinema, by taking him to see movies like Star Wars and The Goonies.

He also taught Zac to be driven and determined, especially in sports.

Zac was always the shortest and the worst kid on the team, but his dad would help him practice and improve his skills.

David is also very proud of Zac and his achievements, and often attends his movie premieres and events.

In 2019, he posted a photo of himself, Zac, and Dylan, and wrote: “So proud of these two guys.

They are amazing”. David is also a father to two more children, Olivia and Henry, from his second marriage.

Zac has a good relationship with his half-siblings and often posts cute photos and videos of them on his Instagram.


Zac Efron’s parents are Starla Baskett and David Efron, who met and worked at the same power plant in California.

They raised Zac and his brother, Dylan, in a small town and supported their dreams and passions.

Zac has a lot of respect and love for his parents, and credits them for his success and happiness.

He also has two half-siblings, Olivia and Henry, from his dad’s second marriage, whom he adores and spends time with. Zac Efron’s family is a beautiful example of love, loyalty, and diversity.

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